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Security Officer (SO)


Duties: General Screening; Guarding & Patrolling; Access & Egress Control; Basic Incident Response

To qualify as a SO:

complete the 3 mandatory Basic Licensing Units below

1) Handle security incidents and services 2) Provide guard and patrol services 3) RTT

Senior Security Officer (SSO)


Duties: Incident Response; Manage Security & Safety Systems; Regulate Traffic (Road Traffic Act); Monitor CCTV/Central Alarm/Fire Command Centre; Assist State/ Auxiliary Police in Law Enforcement; KeyPress Management

To qualify as an SSO:
1 year as a SO + 3 mandatory
Cert level modules below

1) Manage disorde [….]

Security Supervisor (SS)


Incident Management &
Reporting; Direct Supervision;
Execute Evacuation Plans &

To qualify as an SS:
2 years as an SSO +
1 mandatory Advanced Licensing Unit + any
2 of the 3 Adv Cert level
recommended modules below:

1)Supervise security officers

2)Assess and address security ris [….]


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