Charles Chong

Deputy Speaker of Parliament

Member of Parliament, Punggol East SMC

” The private security industry plays a crucial role in keeping Singapore secure. Companies like Safeguard Systems & Services complement the work of the police and other security services and add a further level of security to our community.

Singapore is known as a very safe place, where one can walk around our streets at all hours of the day without a sense of nervousness that one might get in other cities. This is something we must strive to continue to maintain.

There are several aspects to this: civic-minded residents on the one hand, and a robust security infrastructure- made up of both public and private sector security professionals- on the other. This is where Safeguard Systems & Services fits into our security landscape.

You have distinguished yourself by ensuring that your staff are well trained and professional. You have received the highest grading from the Singapore Police Force for the past few years, in the SPF’s security agencies grading exercise. Furthermore, you have also achieved ISO 9001 certification, which speaks to the level of professionalism you have achieved in your quality management system. These are all things you can be proud of.

So, on the milestone occasion of your 30th anniversary, I would like to offer Safeguard Systems & Services my heartiest congratulations, and I wish you many more years of success ahead.”

S. Krishnamoorthy

Managing Director

Safeguard Systems & Security

“Safeguard is proud to celebrate its 30 years of achievement in the Security industry.

We are providing protection officers services, private investigations, event security and other security-related services to several clients. We maintain our motto ‘Be Safe with us’, which assures our client as a trusted partner in protecting their people, property and asset.

We have loyal and committed security staff with proper WSQ qualifications, experience and expertise in the security profession. We set our staff for various WSQ modules to enhance their knowledge and enable them to perform well in their duties.

The implementation of the progressive wage model (PWM) in 2014 increased the basic salary, annual increment, overtime rate and gross salary of the security staff. Now security staff are better paid and have many opportunities to excel through the career path in the security industry. The collective agreement between Safeguard and union of security employees (USE) signed has better benefits to our Security staff.

The security industry transformation map (ITM) tripartite committee (SITC) announced the movement of security companies to less dependency on manpower. The industry will transform to use technology, equipment and innovation at client premises to provide quality security solutions to the client with better-skilled staff. This new direction will focus on the usage of more CCTV, cameras intruder alarm equipment’s automation and technology which reduces manpower dependency at client’s premises.

As wages, technology and security manpower have been enhanced another vital contributor would be to PROTECT Security Personnel.

The police, association and union should look into avenues to protect security staff who may be assaulted, injured, abuse by anyone while performing their duties. The security staff must be given similar protection as provided by law for the auxiliary police officers. This year once again some officers will receive a certificate of appreciation, commendation awards for individual and team performance. To all recipients, congratulations and keep up your good work performance.

We would like to thank several security companies, association, supporters, for supporting us and joining us for our 30th anniversary.

I wish all of them an enjoyable evening at our 30 years celebration and look forward to many more years of success.”


Hareenderpal Singh


Union of Security Employees (USE)

“Safeguard has been unionised with the Union of Security Employees (USE) since February 2006 and throughout the years, the Union and safeguard have enjoyed good labour- management relationship which eventually led to us signing a Collective Agreement (CA) on December 2016. The CA provides for employment terms which are above and beyond what is stated in the Employment Act. This is a commitment of the company that is not adverse to doing more, doing good and doing better for their workers.

The private security industry in Singapore is currently undergoing structural changes to improve wages, career, skillsets, and application of technology. Since the launch of the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) in 2014, the industry has seen a progression to the wages and skillsets of security officers. Today, all security officers earn an average basic wage of at least $1,100 per month before including overtime payment and other allowance. Many officers in the unionised agencies earing more than that amount.

The recent announcement made by the Security Industry Transformation Map (ITM) Tripartite Committee (SITC) signals that the industry needs to transform from one that is labour-dependent, to one that leverages technology and raises worker’s skills to deliver high-quality security solutions. This is a collective effort that has taken more than a year to develop, through numerous focus group discussions and consultations with the various stakeholders in the security industry.

Security officers can also look forward to better career prospects in the security industry as they now have more career options as laid out in the skills framework. With recommendations on harnessing technology to aid the officers, we are taking bold strides to transform the private security industry into one that is vibrant and viable.

I would like to offer my heartiest congratulatiSafeguardafegard Systems & Services Pte Ltd on the happy occasion of your 30th anniversary, and wish you many more years of success ahead.”

Robert Wiener



“Safeguard Systems and Services Pte Ltd is one of the pioneer licensed security agencies in Singapore. Established in 1988, Safeguard has played a pivotal role in shaping the private security industry in Singapore.

Safeguard began its humble beginnings with a skeletal manpower. Today, after three decades, it boasts of trained security officers, who are able to handle the state of the art technology to complement their security services to their clients.

Safeguard has been a member of the Association of Certified Security Agency (ACSA), since our inception. I am delighted to share with the other security agencies that Safeguard was one of the first few companies who embraced technology. They were ahead of time and rendered their service buyers with value-added security manpower complimented with technological support. I am encouraged by their forward looking vision and encourage all security agencies to include technology in meeting the transforming security landscape and meeting the challenges that will be faced by the private security industry in the coming years.

Their willingness and preparedness to change and adopt new innovations have put Safeguard in a good stead.

On behalf of all the members of ACSA, I would like to extend our heartiest congratulations on your 30th anniversary. More successful security years ahead.”

Dennis Lim


APSA (Singapore Chapter)

“On behalf of APSA (Singapore Chapter) and the other 10 Chapters across Asia, we would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to SAFEGUARD Systems & Services Pte Ltd on its 30th anniversary,

Security companies with deep-rooted base values for dedication, commitment and experience from management through to staff can only attain higher results.

With commitment and sincerity, Safeguard Systems & Security Pte Ltd has gained recognition in the industry and has served its contractual responsiblities with professionalism and kept clients satisfied with a peace of mind that their security is in competent hands.

We wish you and all at Safeguard Systems & Security Pte Ltd, success for many more years to come.

We sincerely look forward to being of assistance to your establishment in the future.”

S. Puvanakanthi

Managing Director

Safeguard Systems & Security

“30 years of achievement is yet another milestone in Safeguard’s history, which needs to be celebrated.

We will continue to grow with confidence and excel on a continuous basis for many more challenging years.

Security officers are enjoying higher wages and fringe benefits provided by Safeguard, as we have a collective agreement signed with the Union of Security Employees (USE).

The security industry transformation map will move towards technology with less usage of manpower. This will also upgrade the skills of the security staff as we provide technology and automation to clients premises, which will enhance security coverage of their people property and asset.

The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) benefits the security staff as they are drawing a higher basic salary, overtime and gross salary. The collective agreement signed with the union (USE) gives better fringe benefits to our staff.

Safeguard has recognised security staff performance which is appreciated on a yearly basis since its incorporation in staff.

Congratulations to all award recipients of Safeguard who deserved to be recognized for their good work performance at our dinner today.

We thank all guests, fellow security agencies, security officers, associates and friends for joining us in our celebrations and achievement. We assure you of our support for your events.

Have an enjoyable evening and look forward to your support for many more years for such celebrations.”




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