Private Investigation


Our Private Investigation Department has been in operation since the inception of the company. The investigation team consists of specially selected personnel who have previous track record of investigations and law enforcement techniques.

In addition, our elite investigators are trained in surveillance techniques, observation skills and the art of intricate camera photography.


We undertake all types of investigations, locally and overseas, viz.:


  • Infringement of Trade Marks
  • Insurance claims
  • General surveillance
  • Matrimonial cases / Pre-marrital vetting
  • General Investigations of various nature such as, missing persons, staff background and movements, teens activities, etc.

We have solved several cases ranging from copyrights infringement, 'Test Buy', missing car, theft at warehouse, theft in-transit, etc.

In association with the Council of International Investigators, we are able to extend our connection overseas. We are proud that we have extended our investigations on a regional basis.

We provide crime-scene investigation (CSI) services, such as fingerprint identification and photographic evidence.

We have also assisted several law firms in their cases by bringing about photographic evidence to prove their cases.

Our CEO, who personally over-sees all Private Investigations, is himself a Certified International Investigator by the Council of International Investigators Inc., USA.


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